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Cadourile Răzvan Idicel sunt pregătite cu grijă, sustenabil Răzvan Idicel

Nov 2, 2022

Răzvan Idicel gifts are prepared with care, sustainably

We chose to producesustainably. What does it mean? In short, Răzvan Idicel products should have a high emotional impact, but a small environmental footprint.
Ne gândim să integrăm în business şi partea de agricultură Răzvan Idicel

Nov 2, 2022

We are thinking of integrating the agricultural side into the business

I was invited to talk on the show ZF 15 minutes with an entrepreneur. How do we make the economy continue to functio...
Ce am descoperit la SIAL Paris 2022 Răzvan Idicel

Nov 2, 2022

What we discovered at SIAL Paris 2022

What we discovered at SIAL was a real interest from foreigners, people who liked the branding, stayed near our stand, were interested in how we produce.
Viata la Idicel #1 Răzvan Idicel

Mar 25, 2021

Life at Idicel #1

At Idicel Pădure, winter still hasn't left, the people here say that's how it is with "babes", it's sunny, it's snow...
Viaa la Idicel #2 Răzvan Idicel

Mar 25, 2021

Life at Idicel #2

It's Saturday after dinner and I'm at Reghin's office where I'm eating freshly roasted peanuts while writing. This w...
Este luna iubirii la Prăvălia Idicel! Răzvan Idicel

Mar 18, 2021

It's the month of love at Prăvălia Idicel!

 It has been a year since we entered isolation and unexpected times have come upon u...
La muli ani, române! Răzvan Idicel

Jan 21, 2021

Happy Birthday Romanian!

Hello, It's a beautiful morning at ldicel Pădure. It's minus seven degrees and a few rays of sunshine illuminate ou...
Petrece Crciunul local, cu noi Răzvan Idicel

Jan 21, 2021

Spend your local Christmas with us

When you buy from Prăvălia Idicel, you support local farmers, organic agriculture, Romanian artisans and small famil...
Combinația perfectă de toamnă Răzvan Idicel

Jan 21, 2021

The perfect fall combination

I strongly believe that we achieve more when we work with each other and with nature.  That's why we've joined force...
RZVAN începe un nou capitol Răzvan Idicel

Jan 21, 2021

RAZVAN begins a new chapter

I am very happy to bring you news! We are launching new varieties of jam and jam in larger jars. All in a new design...
De Moș Nicolae, Prăvălia Idicel trimite o ciocolată cadou cuiva drag ție Răzvan Idicel

Jan 21, 2021

By Moș Nicolae, Prăvălia Idicel sends a chocolate as a gift to someone dear to you

This year the normal, plans and habits have been turned upside down. I stayed at home more, away from my loved o...
Crăciunul acasă, în siguranță Răzvan Idicel

Jan 21, 2021

Christmas at home, safe

This year we realized more than ever what caring means for us and for others. We are here if you want to make a plea...

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