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Petrece Crciunul local, cu noi Răzvan Idicel

Spend your local Christmas with us

When you buy from Prăvălia Idicel, you support local farmers, organic agriculture, Romanian artisans and small family businesses that support the communities in the area.

Each product or gift purchased goes back into the community, encouraging future generations to put shopping to good use.

When your family or company's Christmas needs a little magic, contact us and we'll take care of everything: from proposals tailored to your needs to safe home delivery. Emailmadalina@pravaliaidicel.roor call 0740057998 and we'll do the rest.

As a thank you for joining us, any chocolate you buy in December is 15% off. Use code THANKS2020 at checkout to get the special price. Whether you enjoy it or give it as a gift, I hope it will be received with a soul full of emotion, as it left us.

With love,


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