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La muli ani, române! Răzvan Idicel

Happy Birthday Romanian!


It's a beautiful morning at ldicel Pădure. It's minus seven degrees and a few rays of sunshine illuminate our yard. We celebrate the national day by working and we are very excited to be able to do it, as the season of preparing presents begins.

We are about to end a challenging year. I think it is a turning year for two or even three generations, one where we discovered a new normal, another life and more, we discovered ourselves and what really matters. At the beginning of this year, we all had big plans, whether it was expanding a business or doing more sports, but in the spring we found that all of these had to be rethought. The first time was panic, then relaxation, and during this whole period we had to adapt and be able to continue. Every jar or chocolate bought was a dose of happiness and confidence that we will succeed.

On the national day, I am grateful to you for all the support given and I happily drink a glass of palinca in your honor, thank you!

Happy birthday!


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