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RZVAN începe un nou capitol Răzvan Idicel

RAZVAN begins a new chapter

I am very happy to bring you news! We are launching new varieties of jam and jam in larger jars. All in a new design that even better represents our identity, my journey as an entrepreneur, the place and the hand of the village women who prepare these products.

The greatest joy was when I arrived at Idicel with the new labels, and putting them on the jar, Veronica told me, "This is our hand, Răzvane!" - it was a moment of great emotion and a recognition of all the work that is happening at Idicel Pădure.

It is a new chapter for Răzvan, one with a ROST even closer to the values ​​of Idicel and the products we develop. All this happened when I moved to Idicel Pădure and thanks to the support of my family and the people around me. It is a good energy, which I really want to pass on to you. It incorporates a lot of creativity, physical work and a peace like I've never felt before.

I hope the new products continue to enjoy your appreciation and keep us close!



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