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Viaa la Idicel #2 Răzvan Idicel

Life at Idicel #2

It's Saturday after dinner and I'm at Reghin's office where I'm eating freshly roasted peanuts while writing. This week, we made a lot ofpeanut cream and we had to roast the hazelnuts and get better organized, the cream took a very good advance.  

We started the week very well, as I told you, we were going to go out with the ladies to the restaurant to celebrate the eighth of March, but I was very happy when I saw how prepared they came and beautifully arranged, it was very special, for everyone! 

it helps us a lot, especially for the part of launching new options for the shop and promotion. We risk spending a lot of money in mass promotion and we are not in a position to do experiments, we have to be careful with our resources. at the shop and we want it to be one that is based on "good value for the money" and everyone has something to gain.  

When it comes to winning, this week the negotiations with the supermarket chains took place, which are quite challenging, but we remain consistent that we make good products and we earned our place on the shelf in time. And the innovations brought in the last year prove our ambition and passion to develop and do good things.

My opinion is that from a negotiation everyone should win and the main goals should be quality, innovation and shared values ​​and know that they really exist, we base our evolution on this and it is our belief.

One evening after I got home with Eva, the first thing when she came into the house was to ask where the tablet was (at three years old) and I explained to her, but Eva you have so many toys why you want the tablet as you enter the house, and she replied dryly, I have no friends... It shocked us, although she goes to kindergarten and likes it, she still misses the lack of socializing, she has to come once in the spring and we spend the evenings in the yard or on the hills. Especially since the planting of trees, trees and the vegetable garden await us, we have a lot of work to do. 

I wish you a nice week,


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