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Viata la Idicel #1 Răzvan Idicel

Life at Idicel #1

At Idicel Pădure, winter still hasn't left, the people here say that's how it is with "babes", it's sunny, it's snowing, it's sure it's still cold, and I wake up at night to put wood on the fire. 

Moving to the country suddenly comes with a series of difficulties and the biggest one is that with the fire and the heat, we preferred a terracotta stove to heat our room and maintain the heat, but besides the romantic and soothing to sit by the light and warmth of the stove, comes waking up twice a night (at two and five) to not go out. That's why I don't really like "babes" and I'm waiting for the heat.

I've been wanting to write to you for a long time, to find a direct way of communicating with you and to share with you about life in the country and what it's like to run a business from the country, that's why I'm starting this newsletter.

After the first year spent here I can tell you that we like our new life, we are happier and more fulfilled with our new life, it is not easy, especially for my wife who lived a life in Bucharest, but we are aware that by living and breathing the air here, we will add years to our lives. Now that we have bought a house here, we will have a lot of work to "put it in order ". I am a less thrifty person when it comes to things related to the house, but I will certainly have time for the garden and trees.

Last year was a good one for us and we took courage, that's why this year we want to expand our production capacity, that is, to go from five kettles to twelve, to strengthen our ties with farmers, to take chocolate to another level and last but not least to be better suppliers for customers. And for all this, in addition to our nice online store, we also need the support of both small food and specialty stores and those who can represent us at the national level. I am very happy to tell you that everyone received the new products with enthusiasm and were open to expanding the collaboration, and for us it is absolutely great to see that although we are not big, our products can reach many places being closer to you.

Monday is the eighth of March, and from two o'clock we go with the ladies from the factory to have lunch at the trout farm at Deda Bistra, where the best trout in the area is. We have nine women in the team and two men, that is me and Mihai. Even if I'm more introverted, Mihai has his jokes and it should be fun, but it will also be a good moment to thank them for the good work they do every day.  

I wish you a nice week,


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