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Viaa la Idicel #3 Răzvan Idicel

Life at Idicel #3

It's Sunday morning and I'm enjoying the first sun bath of the year. It's incredible the energy and motivation that a beautiful spring day can give you, with chirping birds, the sound of the stream and plans for a new season of outdoor activities.

Even though it was a gloomy week, where it snowed almost every day, I said to make a gesture and turn back the weather. So I picked up the phone and called Mrs. Maria from the apple nursery, where I buy summer forsweet, bitter cherries and yellow, I asked - he will send me thirty fruit trees, to set up a small orchard. We have quite a large area in the new house (5200 sq m) and I really want to arrange a beautiful garden. I am grateful if you can send me resources to read and tips and tricks on how to approach the landscape of the place. It is important to mention that we have an alpine climate and I want to bring, in addition to the local tree species, something exotic, but suitable for the climate. 

Moreover, every morning we enjoy the visit of some deer, which Eva admires from the window and keeps insisting that we feed them because they are hungry, and when we leave the house we are greeted by the squirrel, which he sits on a log and watches us as we are agitated not to be late for kindergarten.

We played a bit this week in the chocolate lab and learned how to make chocolate eggs and we started with eggs the size of a hen and then we got some ostrich egg shapes, they are gorgeous ! We can't wait for April to launch them, we still need a package that will ensure that we won't have problems during transport, that it won't break and spoil the surprise inside.

Next week, I'm off to take aforest bath.😊


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