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Am pregătit o rețetă cu salată de ardei capia Răzvan, cum n-ai mai văzut! Răzvan Idicel

I prepared a recipe with Răzvan capsicum salad, like you've never seen before!

Whether you're vegan or fasting for Easter, we're here to support your choice with a delicious, goodness-filled recipe so you'll have the energy to continue with great days!

Here, with us, at Idicel Pădure, the whole team keeps the Easter Fast. We gather every week at the table at lunchtime, tell stories, plan and enjoy what we have, as a family.

> and hazelnut cream are not absent from our meals. They are very good spread on warm bread, but they are just as good in other, fasting recipes, tasty and with natural ingredients.

See the recipe here!

We'll be back with more recipes for you soon.


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