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Este luna iubirii la Prăvălia Idicel! Răzvan Idicel

It's the month of love at Prăvălia Idicel!

 It has been a year since we entered isolation and unexpected times have come upon us. It wasn't easy, but we persevered and took advantage of the time to think about what's important.

Life at Idicel-Pădure is very good, nature and people inspire us every day and make us keep in our hearts the care for tradition and for our loved ones. We firmly believe that man sanctifies the place.

>, a dark chocolate with cherry and sour cherry and a milk chocolate with hazelnuts roasted by us;

and a chazelnut cream, with 45% hazelnut , sugar and cocoa, and that's it, made by us from scratch, in the chocolate laboratory.

To make sure it turns out the way I want it, I invested in a hazelnut roaster and did a lot of testing with the roasting and making of the cream to make sure that the first hazelnut cream Romanian artisanal is the best.

So, from the month of love, I challenge you to share your care with others. Whether it comes in the form of a bean-to-bar chocolate, a message or any gesture that makes life sweeter and more inspiring.

We're starting. Use the code CREMADEALUNERO at checkout on and get a 10% discount on the new Răzvan hazelnut cream. I put the chocolate - we already have it on sale.


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