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Ne gândim să integrăm în business şi partea de agricultură Răzvan Idicel

We are thinking of integrating the agricultural side into the business

I was invited to talk on the show ZF 15 minutes with an entrepreneur. How do we make the economy continue to function?, a Ziarul Financiar and Alpha Bank project, a great honor.

This year, which is almost over, we didn't know what to expect.

One of the biggest problems I've had is related to the lack of raw materials. There is a chance that we will run out of stock sometime next year, earlier than the start of the summer season. We are thinking about how to manage this situation. We want next year to integrate the agriculture part into the business, to at least produce eggplants, which are very important for us. Dependence on other suppliers, economic conditions and climate change conditions are very difficult to handle and we must secure this part.

There were moments when we felt hit from all directions, but after getting used to the new conditions in the market, we also have to adjust to the idea of ​​investing. We will go to the greenhouses and we will have somewhere around 5,000 square meters. We want to start with eggplant.

We started entrepreneurship ten years ago, and currently we produce about 220,000 jars of jam and jam annually. I am optimistic that we will find solutions to continue to invest and produce our tasty products that you are used to.


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