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Cadourile Răzvan Idicel sunt pregătite cu grijă, sustenabil Răzvan Idicel

Răzvan Idicel gifts are prepared with care, sustainably

A few years ago we started putting in gift boxes our goodies carefully produced by us, at Idicel. From the beginning, 10 years ago to be sure, I wanted when someone opens a jar and tastes, to fully enjoy the authentic taste of sweetmeat and sweetness and let there be little waste.

We chose to producesustainably. What does it mean? In short, Răzvan Idicel products should have a high emotional impact, but a small environmental footprint. In the factory in Idicel, the village housewives prepare the raw material, often local, by hand and cook it in a cauldron over a wood fire.

We produce today without affecting the resources of future generations.

Our goal is to convince as many large companies as possible to buy local gifts, with Romanian products.

Do you have questions related to how we produce zacusca, jam or chocolate? Write to me and I will answer you immediately. Are you around the Idicel area? Come visit the factory and see for yourself.

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