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Ce am descoperit la SIAL Paris 2022 Răzvan Idicel

What we discovered at SIAL Paris 2022

Me ten years away, at Sial Paris in 2012 and look at Sial Paris 2022. It's unbelievable that ten years have passed, a decade, how beautiful it sounds! It was hard for me to believe then that this name would grow so beautifully and naturally, with a lot of patience and love for what we do at Idicel.

This year's Sial experience is truly one to frame. Through a beautiful design, we managed to attract foreigners from all countries to the stand, to take pictures with our products, especially with chocolate, which was by far the star of the festival.

What we discovered at SIAL was a real interest from foreigners, people who liked the branding, stayed near our stand, were interested in how we produce. If until now there was only interest from distributors in the Romanian communities, now we have seen interest from specialty stores in the Nordic countries, Germany, Spain.

The discussions we had were very pleasant and valuable. Most importantly, we saw that if we do the right thing, we have a real chance to export, one that was hard to believe could happen until now, when we saw the reactions of foreigners!

I am more than delighted and I can't wait to unveil at Idicel our plan for the next twenty years, one in which nature, people and taste always win! #sial2022 #razvanidicel #authentic


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