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Secretul la copt de vinete - Tradiție și pasiune pentru gustul perfect

The secret to baking eggplant - Tradition and passion for the perfect taste

At Idicel, the eggplant grilling season is an extremely important moment. It is the time when we mobilize to get the most delicious eggplants, which will be the basis of our recipes for zucchini and eggplant salad. After nine years of experience, we have reached a real art in preparing grilled eggplant on the wood grill.

Wednesday morning, first thing in the morning, we started the new season. The whole team assembled ready for action. Even a 10 minute torrential rain didn't stop us - it just cooled us down a bit. At 6:30, the fire was lit and the first eggplants began to sizzle on the grill.

Every member of the team knows exactly what they have done. By 9:30, we managed to bake 730 kg of eggplant. We needed to quickly bring in an extra pallet to be able to roast over 970kg on the first day. After cleaning and draining them, I was left with 600 kg of tender and aromatic eggplants.

Here's how we get perfect eggplants, in our 9 years of experience:

- We use a grill grill, not a stove, so the smoke penetrates our eggplants ideally .

- Dry beech wood ensures maximum calorific power.

- Eggplants are left to drain for 2-3 hours after cleaning, it is essential for delicious.

- We keep them frozen in 3 kg bags for easy portioning.

Eggplants are indispensable for our special recipes for zucchini and eggplant salad. The success of our products depends on their quality. That's why mobilizing the team during the baking season is vital.

We are proud of the way we started this year. The entire company is mobilized, achieving remarkable results: 1.8 tons of ripe eggplants in just 3 days, an absolute record. Our tradition and passion for the most aromatic grilled eggplants will continue to define us.

If you want to test the authentic taste of our wood-grilled aubergines, come here and enjoy the offer of 6 jars at a special price. Take advantage of the special offers for the eggplant season and order online zacusca or eggplant salad Idicel!

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