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noua fabrica de la Idicel Padure pentru produs dulceata si zacusca

We have completed 10 years of activity! Find out about our expansion plans and stay with us in the future.

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting in the yard at Idicel, where you can still smell yesterday's baking eggplants and an autumn wind blows at the edge of the forest. At Idicel, it is as clear as can be that autumn has come, I think that soon we will also make a fire in the stove to warm ourselves, but I would prefer it not so soon.

Today I want to share with you a joy and a future plan, of which you are a part, because you consume our products and support us year after year.

Yesterday we celebrated ten years of activity at Idicel Pădure in the place where we made our little factory and started cooking in the cauldron. I chose to celebrate this holiday more intimately, we as a family with my colleagues from Idicel and I had the chance to have a party last week at OTOTO in Bucharest, for which I am very grateful for how beautifully they prepared for the event and how kindly they made everything happen beautifully.

At Idicel yesterday I sat at the barbecue, side by side with the ladies who were baking eggplant, and me next to them with some wings and pork ribs. We made a big meal and everyone was happy to eat together and to be happy that 10 years ago a factory was created on a place where corn was growing, where 15 people from the village work and who, through their work, take care of their families and the youngest of us can start a family. We also had the father from the village who sang us a traditional "Happy Birthday" and it was such a moment when I reminded them that without Aunt Veronica who agreed to start this adventure with me, today at Idicel Pădure there was nothing.

Ten years have passed with many trials, but this business is my life, so I have only to overcome them and move on, I cannot abandon and neither to say that I can't anymore, life goes on, and so does the business with the people involved in it. There are many people to thank, for advice, trust, money, inspiration, very good people who have been by my side and for whom I have infinite respect. But today when we speak, I stayed with my family in business, who are by my side and Eva, our little girl, grows up with the women from the factory, jars, labels and more recently she likes me on Instagram when she sees a post with dads, which is actually the Răzvan Idicel brand.

In the place where we are today, we don't have enough space and for two years we have been looking for options, we bought a very nice plot of land in the center of the village where we proposed to we are moving, but then I said that maybe it is easier in Reghin, where we would have secured a production space exactly as we want, but in the end I thought like this: the space in Reghin is very nice, super efficient and within reach, but in the long term my place is at Idicel Pădure. Today I only have the land and the project, without a source of financing to make it happen, but I know that I will do my best to fulfill this dream and find a solution to build at Idicel, on the beautiful place in the center of the village. Besides my love for this village, there are the people, who are from the village and who have their households, and if I take them out of the village to commute to the city to work, I feel that I am cutting them off from their household, and I am not an industrialist for whom efficiency is everything, I have to take people's needs into account.

Below I leave you pictures from the two parties and the premiere of the project with the Idicel Pădure factory and the place where it will be:

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