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Cum am dedicat noi o zi bucuriei și recunoștinței

How we dedicated a day to joy and gratitude

We had the privilege to embark on a journey through Transylvania, exploring both the spiritual side and the beautiful creations of the people. I started with excitement, in the early hours of the morning, after a restless night in which the kitties played in the house, and did not let me sleep. We gathered with the whole team from "Tradiții din Natură" at the office, in an atmosphere full of questions and wonder. What plan did the boss have with us? How come he chose a weekday and not a weekend? Questions we will answer later in the day.

At 6 o'clock, we left for the trip - four cars, 17 people - ready to live a unique experience. At 7 o'clock, Veronica calls Mihai and I wonder why she calls him, when he was behind us. Proudly, she replies that this is how she calls him every morning, this is how we are used to it. Mihai's answer was fabulous: "You need onions, guys." A simple and meaningful dialogue through which people understand each other.

At 10 o'clock, we arrived at the first stop, in the country of Hațeg, in a landscape as if from a story. We arrived at Prislop Monastery, a place with lots of greenery and order. As we were walking towards the grave of Father Arsenie Boca, we saw the nuns turning the hay. We each collected ourselves in our own way, then continued our journey.

We dined at Popasul Zimbrilor, in scorching heat, enjoying delicious food. Then we headed to "Il Giardini di Zoe". At first, it looked like just a hill with thuja planted, but the surprise was extraordinary. I discovered an absolutely gorgeous garden, better maintained than the one I saw in the Alhambra. We cooled off in the shade and enjoyed ice cream. My colleagues refused to buy them ice cream, saying I paid enough. I didn't insist, knowing they were fine.

Veronica cu inghetata

I got on the highway at Simeria and the next stop was at Cetatea Alba Carolina, i.e. Alba Iulia. Most of us were arriving there for the first time, and those who had been before knew that it was a place of beauty and order rarely found in Romania. We worshiped and prayed at the Cathedral, we also visited the Catholic church, where Iancu de Hunedoara is buried. Then, we headed to the main gate where we took some photos for memory.

At the end, we sat down on a bench in front of the Great Union Museum and sent a message to the ladies from Idicel: "Today was about us, those who work day of the day and we often forget to enjoy each other and the beauties created by God and man. Investments in material things at the factory do not make sense if we do not take the time to stop and enjoy what we have around us, to be inspired by the beauties that surround us.

At Idicel, we make the most beautiful and best sausage, and for that we must be spiritually rich and inspired.This is the only way we can maintain care for what we do every day at the factory.

The respect we have for each other and for the product must remain the foundation of all our actions. The most important thing today was that we were all together and I felt sincere joy in everyone's eyes. This gives me confidence that we are good people, striving to do good things. Thank you and have a safe trip home!"

While writing these lines, I feel the emotion and joy transmitted by this experience, by the discovery of new and beautiful places.

Thank you for choosing to consume our products and allowing us to create such moments for the ladies who work in the country, in the factory and at home, and who do not have such trips. It was a beautiful day!

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