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Am împlinit opt ani la Idicel și avem planuri pentru încă zece Răzvan Idicel

We have completed eight years at Idicel and we have plans for ten more

Wednesday morning I woke up at the door with a package from Aunt Veronica with roasted peppers, tomatoes from the garden and boiled eggs. I was going to Italy for an advanced course in chocolate and I was in a bit of a rush, but he insisted that I take the food with me because I was sure to be hungry. It wasn't just about the food, it was an emotion that morning, because it was eight years since we inaugurated the small factory at Idicel Pădure.

Now we are preparing for a new chapter in the Răzvan la Idicel story - a new factory with a bigger kitchen for the hardworking village housewives who work alongside us. Yes, we have a wonderful place in the center of the village where we will carefully build something very beautiful, which will become a destination for all those who want to taste the country life and the craft that we do with passion at Idicel Pădure. A lot of work is being done and we have ambitious plans for Idicel, especially after I returned from Bucharest and settled in the village. We truly live the experience of a family business, where everyone is involved and dedicated to doing a good thing.

Development is a challenge for everyone, but also a joy that it takes place in Idicel Pădure, where we have an experienced core team and one in full training. I have proposed that next year, when it will be ten years since I first arrived in Idicel Pădure, I will welcome you to the new factory in the center of the village and let us enjoy beautiful architecture and tasty products. The wood fire and cauldron remain and will be the centerpiece of the kitchen. It's our way of preparing the products and we care a lot about this, that's part of the secret.

To make the experience complete and authentic, we are also setting up the chocolate laboratory to show you how we make chocolate with cocoa beans from South America in a village in Transylvania, it will be truly exotic.

Thank you very much for your support throughout this adventure and we promise you that we will continue to work with the same passion and desire to innovate!

With love, Răzvan

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