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Ai văzut pagina noastră dedicată cadourilor românești? Răzvan Idicel

Have you seen our page dedicated to Romanian gifts?

Eight years ago we started something beautiful at Idicel Pădure. It's my life. Which changed the moment I stepped here.

If we don't already know each other, I'm Răzvan and I like to do good things. But not anyway, but with my hands. That's how I started making jam, I set up a small factory in Idicel, I started making sausage and also chocolate.

My mission, my purpose as I like to call it, is to create a taste experience and well-received gifts with emotional impact. That's why in our virtual shop and in our gift boxes you will find hand-picked handmade products from the Transylvania area. The townspeople call them gourmet products. We call them products with a purpose. Good taste, village tradition and respect for the community.

Today, the village housewives, led by Aunt Veronica, prepare our products every day in a cauldron over a wood fire, according to traditional recipes. The fruits and vegetables we use are often local, chosen from suppliers in the area. That's why Răzvan products remind us of grandparents and country life.

We hope this change brings us luck.

What changes?

From now on you can find us on social media at @razvanidicel. @pravaliaidicel will be gone soon, follow us on the new pages if you want to stay up to date with what we're up to.

Instagram @razvanidicel

Facebook @razvanidicel

It will be moved to the new domain and online shop from October. Until then, you can find your favorite Răzvan products at, as before.

Changes are hard, but we'll keep you up to date!

Have you already seen our page dedicated to Romanian gifts?

Because we have more time at Idicel Pădure than in the city, we have prepared 3 new variants of gift boxes, filled with the tastiest and most eye-catching artisanal products prepared in Romania.

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