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Idicel breakfast with tea

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The story of the box

On most days you deal with things in a hurry: either you are about to leave, or your mind is already elsewhere. We have prepared the "Idicel Breakfast" package for you to remember the days that began in peace. With all the loved ones at the table. With time for both questions and answers.

about hazelnut cream and coffee

And if we still caught you, let's tell you about our hazelnut cream with cocoa, also prepared leisurely, artisanally. Spread lazily on bread, pancakes or whatever you like and go great with a cup of specialty coffee. How else.

Dulceata cu papanasi

about sweetness

For slightly more classic tastes, take a slice of homemade bread, spread the jam from corner to corner. Go over your fingers a little, don't be shy. Bite with gusto and let the aromas of fruit cooked in a cauldron over a wood fire wake you up.

about tea

At the end, when the day's schedule starts to turn you around, postpone the rush and worry a little more with a cup of hot and aromatic tea. Savor it, take it easy, drink it in peace and have a good day!

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Idicel breakfast with tea