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Milk chocolate 52% cocoa and pistachio 80 g Răzvan

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Why did we set out to make chocolate?

Răzvan, our artisan, after a period of 6 years, during which he created at Idicel Pădure together with Mrs. Veronica, different assortments of jam and zacusa in the cauldron, he decided to do something more exotic.

Bean to bar

That's how he got to chocolate, but he wanted to make chocolate more than candies and pralines, he wanted authentic taste and to prepare it himself, according to the Bean to Bar concept. The first contact was the experience at the Mast Brothers shop in London in 2016, where he had an introduction to the world of Bean to Bar chocolate.

The concept of Bean to bar, from cocoa bean to tablet is
briefly summed up in a very simple but extremely complicated process to make your
single chocolate using only simple ingredients and of very good

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Milk chocolate 52% cocoa and pistachio 80 g Răzvan