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Artisanal milk chocolate 52% cocoa and forest hazelnuts 80 g Răzvan

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Mi-s Romanian artisanal chocolate,

with milk from cows raised on grass and hay, on top of which I put whole pieces of hazelnuts. Răzvan Idicel artisanal chocolate delights your taste and brings you happiness, being made with art, craftsmanship and passion, only from natural ingredients.

Ingredients with purpose: specialty cocoa 52%, milk, organic cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, hazelnuts, vanilla extract.

Method of preparation: we temper the chocolate and pour it into molds, on top of which we add newly roasted hazelnuts.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Net mass 80g

  • Unique Taste - Romanian artisan milk chocolate, 52% cocoa and forest hazelnuts has a unique and authentic taste. It is made with care and craftsmanship, so you can enjoy a special taste every time.
  • When you're craving something sweet - we all have times when we crave something sweet to give us energy, and chocolate can be just what you need to satisfy that craving.
  • The Perfect Gift - Handmade chocolate made in Romania can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. You will make a great impression by buying this assortment of chocolates for a loved one or colleagues.
  • Relaxing moment - Chocolate can be a real treat after a long or stressful day. So if you want to treat yourself, our artisan chocolate is the perfect choice to make you feel better.
  • Healthier option - We only use natural ingredients and artisanal chocolate can be a healthier option than other types of chocolate. Cacao beans contain health-giving antioxidants, and hazelnuts can be a good source of protein and healthy fats.

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De ce ne-am propus sa facem ciocolata?

Răzvan, artizanul nostru, după o perioadă de 6 ani, timp în care a creat la Idicel Pădure alături de doamna Veronica, diferite sortimente de dulceață și zacusă la ceaun, s-a hotărât să facă și ceva mai exotic.

Bean to bar

Așa a ajuns la ciocolată, dar a vrut să facă din ciocolată mai mult decât bomboane și praline, a vrut gust autentic și să o prepare el, după conceptul Bean to Bar. Primul contact a fost experiența avută la shop-ul Mast Brothers din Londra din 2016, unde a a avut parte de o introducere in lumea ciocolatei Bean to Bar.

Conceptul Bean to bar, de la bobul de cacao la tabletă se rezumă pe scurt într-un proces foarte simplu, dar extrem de complicat în a-ți face singur ciocolata folosind doar ingrediente simple și de foarte bună calitate.

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