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Terms and conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    • Intellectual Property Disclosure will inform users that the content, logo and other visual media you have created are your property and protected by copyright laws.
    • Termination Clause will advise that users' accounts on the Site and Mobile Application or users' access to the Site may be terminated for abuse or at your sole discretion.
    • Governing Law will inform users which laws govern the agreement. This should be the country where your company is based or the country where you operate your website and mobile app.
    • A clause Links to other websites will inform users that you are not responsible for any third party websites you link to. This type of clause will generally inform users that they are responsible for reading and agreeing (or disagreeing) with the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies of these third parties.
    • If your website or mobile apps allow users to create content and make that content public for other users, a Content section will inform users that they own the rights to the content they have created.
      The “Content” clause usually states that users must give you (the website or mobile app developer) a license so that you can share this content on your website / mobile app and you make it available to other users.
      Because user-created content is public to other users, a DMCA (or copyright infringement) notice clause is useful to inform users and copyright authors that if in which any content is found to be infringing, you will respond to any DMCA takedown notices received and remove the content.
    • A Limit what users can do clause can inform users that by agreeing to use your service, they are also agreeing not to do certain things. This can be part of a very long and detailed list in your Terms of Service agreements, so it covers the most negative uses.

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