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Spicy milk chocolate 52% cocoa and hazelnut 80g Răzvan

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Răzvan Idicel artisanal chocolate delights your taste and brings you happiness, being made with art, craftsmanship and passion, only from natural ingredients.

Try the spicy milk chocolate 52% cocoa and forest hazelnuts from Răzvan Idicel. Made with art and passion, from quality natural ingredients, including milk from cows raised on grass and hay. Whole pieces of hazelnuts and paprika add a special touch, like in Transylvania. A sweet and spicy experience for your taste buds.

Why order this Spicy Milk Chocolate?

  1. The unique and authentic taste: Răzvan Idicel spicy artisan milk chocolate with 52% cocoa and forest hazelnuts offers a delicious and unmistakable combination of sweet and spicy, perfect for those who appreciate the original and authentic taste .

  2. Premium Natural Ingredients: This chocolate is made from only the highest quality natural ingredients, including milk from grass and hay raised cows, hazelnuts and allspice.

  3. Suitable for chocolate lovers and gifts: Elegantly packaged, this chocolate can be a delicious and appreciated gift for chocolate lovers and those who appreciate quality artisan products.

  4. Spicy and energizing sensation: Whole pieces of hazelnut and paprika add a special spicy note, perfect for those looking for an energizing taste experience.

  5. Made with art and passion: Răzvan Idicel artisan chocolate is made with art and passion, resulting in a superior quality chocolate with a unique and authentic taste that brings you joy and satisfaction in every bite.

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