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Razvan la Pravalia Idicel

The story of the shop


Let it be 7 springs since I arrived in the Idicel-Forest, Cupid's arrow stuck well, in my heart. And just so you know it was only good, it turned me around and made me, from a scout student to an entrepreneur from the city, moved, slept, worked, loved in the village. I fell in love with the picture from nature and the villagers who gave it color. This is where Dulceața lu Răzvan started. I'm a lover of my kind, so today it's on the shelf, at Prăvălie, with the other loves I love: zacusca, eggplant, chocolate, wine and palinca. And many more, under the same ROST.

Purpose means calling: the courage to honor the village and the man who sanctifies it, with his craft and art. 

The point is when you master the taste: I tame it and give it to others as soul joy.

The point is every day, in the shop: I make it happen every day, in the place where I sat, to pass it on.



In a hurried world, stunned even by the progress it has made, the purpose, the peace, the joy of being in the world, become more and more alien to us. Like neighbors who were once friends, today forget to give each other kindness. 

The point is in the veins. But who has time to see them pulsating under the skin? And yet, The point is in everyone. The point is life. It's beautiful, it's everyday. It's grandma's apron, it's your place at the table, through which you start to know the world. Rot doesn't like haste, it borrows between generations.

To live meaningfullymeans to take the time to see the world, to let the beauty of it flow through you. To take your calling from it, then to settle down in your place, with your occupation, and to carve out of all the legacy for the generation you are raising. What you are made of, what you have and what you do.

I'm waiting for you to talk at Prăvălia Idicel, my real shop!

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