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De Moș Nicolae, Prăvălia Idicel trimite o ciocolată cadou cuiva drag ție Răzvan Idicel

By Moș Nicolae, Prăvălia Idicel sends a chocolate as a gift to someone dear to you

This year the normal, plans and habits have been turned upside down. I stayed at home more, away from my loved ones and the usual pleasures.

For Prăvălia Idicel this year meant moving the Prăvălia from Bucharest to online and my physical move to Idicel Pădure, together with my family. They all came with hardships, but also with satisfaction. However, many unexpected and cool things happened, which brought me closer to people and nature.

"Unexpected" for me is the word of the year. So I want to pass it on so you can enjoy the thrill too.

For every order over 150 lei, you get free delivery, and we send a loved one a chocolate, as a nice, unexpected gesture. Leave us the name, address and phone number of the loved one you want to surprise in the order details and we'll take care of the rest*.

What unexpected things happened to you? Share your story with us.

With love,


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